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The coffee shop by my house sells this weird chinese energy drink that has no english on the label at all. For the longest time I thought it was probably just chinese cough syrup and they were trying to rip me off, but exam time makes people crazy and so I tried some.

It made me all crazy and hyper talkative, and now I'm wondering if it wasn't, you know, the cocaine.


it might be Thai Red Bull.

the one really silly one you have to look out for is labelled "LEADERSHIP" and looks like it is made for cowboys.


Gizo is a nice, smooth caffeine buzz, it'll slap you awake but won't leave you jittery at all... the only downside is that it tastes like cola cough syrup; they call it a "shooter" for a reason.


Well, I bought me some. With the dollar in a new all time low it's cheap and easy to order from the states.

My next purchase will be an SVT Ford Mustang Cobra Coupe -04. But not yet.


I guess this explains the brilliance of the recent Diesel Sweeties strips.


And then there are those weaklings of us like myself who are totally unable to handle xanthines. I didn't used to be able to sit in a class without being asleep. After falling asleep at the wheel and totalling our car I watched and began to see a pattern. I thought I had Chronic Fatigue or something. It turns out when I chocolate binge I'm comatose half the time. Coffee? Not since the early 1980's. No more "**ines" and I've been a new, awake person since.

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