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i *wish* we had 1am post offices around here.


There is a 24 hour post office near every major airport! This is a secret that is like "Fight Club".


the secret lives of sexy DINOSAURS.


Wow, thank you Jeff! I am largely in favour of dinosaur comics.

My first try used a slightly different layout with a different dinosaur in the first two panels. It turned out that it was impossible to do anything with this! I couldn't even do one comic. But then I changed the first two panels and then I put the comics up on the internet!


What I've always liked about dinosaur comics is that it recontextualizes the same pictures, it takes them and makes genuinely funny and insightful comics out of them, instead of just relying on the gag that the pictures repeat.

And that gets me sort of hot.


Get Your War On, by David Rees (mnftiu.cc), utilizes that comic style.

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