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patches is super, i hope she keeps it up for a while. her other artwork is also excellent i suggest everyone poke around in a law-violating manner.


YOINK. She also helps you find a starting point to re-decorate the office.


Oohhh.. nice. How IS that new job at the "I'm OK Correctional Facility" jeff?


Well at least I don't have to ever see "Carson Daly" where I work. And I get to go outside sometimes, and even thought it is picking up freeway trash, it is still nice. There is some cool stuff by the freeway! I found a glove once with the hand still in it.


You should see the line of Christmas cards she made. Imagine a Christmas card that's intelligent, hilarious, well crafted and doesn't need an image of Santa Claus with his pants down to make you laugh.

Btw Patches updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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