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Charles Vestal

Where do you work, Mr. Bell? Or is it supersecretmaximumtime?


its all secret like.. actually its very easy to find out but i'd rather not just go saying it on blogs for legal and paranoid reasons.


he works for me. he peels potatoes in a sexy manner.


Ooh, sounds like a challenge...

August J. Pollak

Andrew, if you are telling the truth that M.C. Hammer was there I might have to kill myself from the jealousy and depression of no longer being there.


i do not lie August! you're missing out on all the has-been celebs. my friend rich took a picture with him, i'll see if i can't get it tomorrow

August J. Pollak

I am sad now. When I was there I found out that Mr. T had visited the semester before mine. He gave out Chia Mr. T Heads.

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