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I particularly liked the way that he combined the circle of Solomon, the I Ching, the Chinese and Mayan calendars, the Zodiac signs, and some Celtic runes all in one relatively cohesive symbol.

The fact that it is flanked by Statler and Waldorf is just gravy!


In my bored state of mind at work, I attempted to view every single panel of this and I only got as far as the giant robots. I had to stop before I went insane.


I like how he included extra people that he does not know who they are, so that people can look and say "Oh! There I am!".


Ow. That hurts my brain.


I'm no Grateful Dead fan, but I saw this poster once of 100 Grateful Dead songs put into a single picture. I always thought it would be neat to do stuff like that for bands I really liked. I tried to rough-sketch a pencil drawing of a single album like that and failed.

This guy gets mad (emphasis on "mad") props from me.


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very interesting, but I don't agree with you

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